Belgium Event
13th May 2015
Flemish Dutch House deBuren Brussels

What’s nice and not so nice about being Flemish these days? Radio producers from Belgium and the Netherlands gather together in an evening full of stories about the strange, melancholic, ugly and nationalistic side of the Flemish identity. Stand up comedian Wouter Deprez made stories about the illustrator Carll Cneut in the dialect from their home town Geluwe. The Dutch journalist Joost Wilgenhof investigates Flemish nationalism and Lucas Derycke made short mockumentaries about our Flemish character. The young radio producer Anneleen Van Offel made a new piece, especially for this listening event. Her own interpretation of one of our most beautiful Flemish songs: De Zotte Morgen.

WHEN: 13th May 2015

WHERE: Flemish Dutch House DeBuren, Brussels

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