In The Dark and friends in The Guardian

A lovely mention of In The Dark as well as recent curators The Hackney Podcast and Resonance FM in The Guardian today. Make way for the new Golden Age of British Radio!

Radio head: British radio triumphs in New York

By Elizabeth Mahoney

Hackney Podcast’s golden win at the New York Festivals Awards demonstrates how radio art is flourishing in Britain

It was heartening to hear how well British radio fared at the New York Festivals Awards, winning 11 gold gongs, and one of just two Grand Trophy awards – the latter going to independent production company Ten Alps Radio for The Woodstock 40th Anniversary.

Another deserving winner was the Hackney Podcast, which took a gold award for its terrific “Night in Hackney” edition. These podcasts, also recognised in the Sony Awards this year, are just one example of how imaginative features and radio art are quietly flourishing in the UK. There’s the rightly feted Resonance 104.4 FM, too, with its dazzlingly eclectic offerings, and newer initiatives such as In the Dark, curating spoken-word radio events that bring together cutting-edge producers and fans of broadcasting that offers decidedly experimental realms.