Protest: Curated by Brid Addison-Child

The Urgent Call of Palestine, sung by Zeinab Shaath with lyrics from poet Lalita Panjabi.

Rabble Rousers (2012), Sarah Boothroyd

A crowd of dissenters claps, chants, cheers, and shouts into the open air. 

At the Seams (2015), Kimya Dawson

A ‘raw, dark, sad, mad’ song about police brutality.

Who Guards the Guardians (1999), Chris DeLaurenti 

A fusion of official and unofficial recordings of police transmissions made on November 30, 1999 when thousands gathered in Seattle to protest the World Trade Organization Ministerial meeting.

Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1971), Gil Scott Heron

A rhythmic response to the Last Poets’ “When the Revolution Comes”. An unapologetic call active revolution instead of passive participation.

Men of the Media, North West Sound Archive

A satirical take on the media coverage of the miner’s strikes in the 80s.

Infinities (2020), Boen Wang

A person losing their mind as they are squeezed through the machinations of capitalism.

Performance: Frack The Pain Away

Drag performance by Vanilla Parker Balls and FEMMI parodying oil giants BP and Shell. First performed at a demo for Fossil Free Pride, who protest the sponsorship of Pride events by corporates who fund climate destruction. 

Rhythms of Resistance

A field recording by Brid Addison-Child from a Free Palestine demo featuring the drumming of Rhythms of Resistance – a grass roots drum collective who play at demos and protests.

Blind Boy Podcast (2024), Blind Boy

A call to arms: fuck landlords, more wildflowers!

Counterfactuals, live performance by Brid Addison Child and Alex Tay.

An account of the direct action and organising that stopped fracking in the UK, woven with a memoir essay by Brid, exploring how to imagine alternative political realities.