Setlist: Funny Sounds

Funny Sounds was curated by Talia Augustidis on Mon 15th January 2024 at The Social in London


“It Begins.”

Written by Davy Gardner, performed by Margaret Burrus, Jack Frederick and Mac Rogers and produced by Davy Gardner and Jonathan Mitchell for The Truth.

A short, sharp sketch which plays with the audio medium.


“Going West” (2017)

Produced by Rúnar Snær Reynisson for RÚV.

A charming piece about a 72 year old man who breaks his vow of never going to Reykjavik — a circumstance so rare that it makes national news.


“Spider! The Musical” (2021)

Produced by Phil Smith for Short Cuts.

What do you do when there’s an infestation of false widow spiders at your school? You make a song and dance about it. What do you do if a school makes a musical out of a false widow spider infestation? You make a fun, silly, witty audio piece about it.


“Communicating with Horses” (1985)

Produced by Jay Allison.

An animal psychologist searches for the source of one horse’s ennui. A funny premise with a tragic core.


“This Gun That I Have in My Right Hand is Loaded” (1959)

Written by Timothy West, adapted by H. and Cynthia Old Hardwick-Box, featuring John Pullen and Elizabeth Proud.

A good take on bad radio plays.


“Pot-8-Toes” (c. 1990s)

Billy Butler and Wally Scott for their BBC Radio Merseyside radio quiz show, “Hold your Plums” where they quizzed common sense.

“Pot-8-Toes” is the audio equivalent of looking for your glasses when they’re on your face.


“Men Who Cook” (2022)

Written and performed by Meat and Two Veg for Dirty Laundry.

A searing sketch comedy song which skewers men who cook, by Maddie London, Emily Symington and Robbie Boyd.

It is currently unpublished as it’s usually only performed live.


“Who Shat on the Floor at my Wedding?” (2021)

Produced by Karen Whitehouse, Helen McLaughlin and Detective Lauren Kilby.

An incredible true crime investigation into a shit on the floor at a wedding. Talia chose a segment from the first episode.


“Beth Tapes: Hannah” (2021)

Written and performed by Beth Lewis, produced by Chris Attaway.

A hilarious piece of fiction inspired by the less funny and very real UK rental market.


Crappy Diner” (2023) and “Muscles” (2021)

Story told by Kevin James Thornton, animated by javadoodles.

A Tiktok series where Kevin relays his childhood growing up in the 90s, which javadoodles brilliantly pairs with animation. Talia played two of her favourites.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (2024)

Written and performed by Talia Augustidis
A true story about the time Talia accidentally read the wrong version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The piece is brand new but will eventually come out on Talia’s podcast UnReality