Setlist: Love

Love was curated by Nadia Mehdi on 22nd February 2024 at the Jago in Dalston

“A snippet of Art Laboe” – the pioneering DJ who is credited with inventing the radio dedication


“Love is Sweet Among Non-Human animals”

An exploration of animal love by @lizwason – Find Liz here:


“Good Company”

Old friendships flourish in @JesseLRadio’s “Good Company”, originally heard on @shortcutspod



And an early friendship blossoms in “Kindergarten” by @efriend


“My Lover is a Woman”

Pat Parker details the (almost) unwavering solace from the outside world that she finds in her relationship with her lover


“Love: Tell Me What I Should Do?”

A heartbroken woman sends a desperate audio letter to her love in this @tapeletters cassette.


“First Love”

Rhiannon Parkinson unpacks her first relationship, and first heartbreak in “First Love”. Unpublished.


“Sad Sax Song”

Leah Menzer breaks (it) down in Sad Sax Song, the realest break up tune of 2016  – originally featured on this episode of @bitchfacepod


“Dorothy and The Crash”

@trufelman interviews Dorothy Wiggins, who has an unexpected path to love…


“David and Ted”

The limits of brotherly love are tested in @MaxJungreis’s piece “David and Ted”.



The feeling of searching for a lost loved one is captured perfectly by @redzi in “Searching”, first broadcast on @stories_pod


“Found Sound Lip Sync: ‘Bad Nerd Love’”

Jacob Smigel perfectly lip syncs a 1985 love letter from a high schooler to his paramour who is moving away.


“The Lonely Animal”

In Natalie Kestecher’s “The Lonely Animal”, two shunned snorers reflect on the impact that their ‘terrible night noise’ has had on their relationships.


“Palestinian Solidarity March, London, UK on 11th November 2023

A field recording from the Palestine solidarity march in London, 11 Nov 2023, when thousands upon thousands of people turned out to express love and solidarity with a people under siege.


A reminder from the inimitable Diane Di Prima that each other is all we have.