Little Woman: What Now? + Discussion with Berit Hedemann

The Courthouse Hotel Cinema, 30th April 2010, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, £6.00/£8.00


A hymn to Pamela Anderson, the Norwegian economy and all the country’s 11 year old girls. From women’s magazine editors to a young bulimia sufferer, Berit Hedemann’s Little Woman explores the consequences of Norway’s oil-fuelled economic boom on its women. The piece provocatively cuts between its subjects, with a narrating voice that ponders the connections and implications that emerge, as much a subconscious as an authority figure, prompting some interesting questions about the potential of documentary not just in presenting facts but in presenting ideas. The result is a piece that is compelling, funny and, at times, disturbing.

Produced by: Berit Hedemann
Origin: Norway (NRK, with subtitles, 1997)
Run Time:

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