London Event
27th September 2016
Urban Wildlife
Grant Museum of Zoology


We’re not the only animals to call our cities home.  Join us for an after-hours exploration of the sounds of urban wildlife, as part of our year-long collaboration with the Grant Museum of Zoology.  It’s the sound of the city, like you’ve never heard it before.

If you’ve ever been woken up by the sounds of foxes vigorously copulating next to your recycling bin then you’ll know we’re not alone.  But there’s so much more to urban wildlife than foxes and pigeons.  Alison Fairbrass, from UCL’s Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, has been out on the streets, churchyards and rooftops of London setting microphones to capture the sound of the urban landscape, to understand the diversity of the animal life we share our cities with.

In this triple-header event, Alison will share the story of her research in a short talk.  Then sit back and enjoy a classic In The Dark event, with choice radio selections from around the world on the theme of urban wildlife.  Finally, melt into four short, immersive soundscapes that capture the essence of the urban environment – and vote for your favourite!

More about this competition, and how YOU can enter, here!

Tickets are £8 and booking is essential, via the Grant Museum’s website: