London Event
30th May 2016
Special Danish Season
Part 1: “In a Relationship With…”
Deptford Cinema

We’re digging into the radio and audio archives to bring you a special series of events exploring the history of Danish radio.

We’re starting out with “In a relationship with…”  a classic love story taking place in a modern world. Beginning on facebook and continuing into real life, it’s a story filled with unpredictable twists and obstacles. It was produced by Third Ear, an online audio magazine, that has become one of the pioneers of Danish audio storytelling and podcasting.

This is a Radio Show in Danish, but the audio will be accompanied by English subtitles on the screen.
Video and design is made in collaboration with Radio Atlas.

Age Restriction: 15
Run-time: 67 minutes

WHEN:  Monday 30th May, 8pm

WHERE: Deptford Cinema, 39 Deptford Broadway, London SE8 4PQ