London Event
Fri 7 September
The Tyranny of Story: A Workshop for Academics and Storytellers From All Mediums
Open City Doc Fest

It is said we are living in a ‘golden age of storytelling’, with the term used frequently by academics, journalism and documentary-makers alike. But might the quest for a “good story” risk undermining both good research and good journalism? This session will offer a series of short provocations on this theme, followed by break-away discussion groups that will allow participants from across disciplines to share experiences and reflections of the power and limits of story in their work, and gain a greater understanding of how they might work together to harness the strengths of story while guarding against its shortcomings.


WHEN: Fri 7 Sep, 18:30

WHERE: Open City Doc Fest Festival Hub, Studio, The China Exchange, London, W1D 6JA

TICKETS: £5 or free with Industry Accreditation