London Event
October 2016
The Default Mode Radio Network
Mile End Art Pavillion


Throughout October we’re going to be running a radio station with a twist! The Default Mode Radio Network is a broadcast and livestream. Named after the ‘Default Mode Network’, an area of the brain associated with daydreaming, this collaborative broadcast project invites participants to explore radio as a mind wanderer’s medium.

At intervals throughout the exhibition, we’ll be making recordings with visitors, event participants and collaborators and inviting you to send in sounds of work and rest.

These recordings will feed into an audio stream that automatically and randomly recombines the poetry, music, sound and conversations that we have recorded and curated. This continuous, ever-wandering audio mind is micro-broadcast in the exhibition space.

The Default Mode Radio Network will be streaming on this site and on Tuesday – Sunday midday – 6pm and on Resonance FM every Tuesday 1 -1.30pm.

Click here to listen now >>