London Event
Weds 26th October 2016
The Hubbub of News
Rest and its discontents
Mile End Art Pavillion


For our final event for the “Rest and its discontents” exhibition we’ll be exploring the Hubbub of News. News is available 24 hours a day. It’s hard to avoid, but would we be happier without the hubbub of news disrupting our rest? Are there new ways of creating news that can avoid making us feel miserable or overwhelmed?

Join broadcaster and writer Claudia Hammond with a panel of psychologists and journalists including Charlie Beckett and Denise Baden to discuss the hubbub of news.

WHEN:  Wednesday 26th October, 7.00pm

WHERE: Mile End Art Pavillion, Clinton Rd, London E3 4QY

TICKETS: Free (but please researve a place on Eventbrite using the “Book Now” button below)