The [Un]Observed in the Glasshouse

I discovered The Trouble with Rick by Kyla Brettle when scouring the archives of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Knowing that the ABC presents some of the most brilliantly produced radio pieces in the world, I knew I would find a gem, and The Trouble with Rick is truly remarkable.

It tells a good story: What happens when the way you hear changes completely? How does it affect the world you live in? What things you take for granted, such as the clanking of silverware at dinner, suddenly become a big issue?

But beyond the subject matter is the sonic representation of this condition that Kyla has created. She not only shared Rick’s story but she recreated it for us as listeners so that we could have a similar sonic experience that he was having. The technique and creativity that Brettle has used is rare, daring and deeply effective.

I chose this piece for The [Un]Observed because I believed it would present listeners with a new and dynamic sound they had not heard before.

You can listen to The Trouble with Rick, by Kyla Brettle here >>.

Tania Ketenjian