Issue #4

December 2013, and we’re serving you up audio picks from this year – your bumper Christmas annual, but far from comic book characters stuffing themselves with plum duff, we have our curators from 2013 picking audio they love. The holly around the edges comes in the form of our own choices from other events we’ve attended throughout the year.


[Audio] Sherre DeLys – Poetry Texas

In June Australia’s finest, Sherre DeLys, was passing through London and we were lucky enough to have her curate an event at the Bell Pub in east London. She pushed us to new places with a radiophonic creation from Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange; we were wowed by the power of a group listening to Sherre’s Jarman’s Garden; and we were treated to snippets of her work-in-progress. And her recommendation of what you simply must hear, is Poetry Texas by Pejk Malinovski (photo from Falling Tree). Hear the feature and read Sherre’s praise here >>

[Audio] Rosanna Arbon – Radio Web MACBA

Also in June, Rosanna presented In The Dark’s first film screening. Yep, a film documentary, with moving pictures and everything. It was the first London screening of Radio Unnameable, about a famed free-form radio host at New York’s WBAI, Bob Fass. For her pick, Rosanna recommends a website celebrating thoughtful long-form radio. Read her praise and hear the programmes here >>


[Audio] Steve Urquhart – Four Metal Plates

In September, Steve Urquhart (here in a photo from his fomer role at BBC Cumbria) curated an event of radio about prison, both on the inside and out. Steve works both in Prison Radio, and as  BBC Radio 4 continuity announcer. He’s chosen a piece by recent graduate of the Goldsmiths University of London Radio Master’s degree. Listen to the feature and read Steve’s praise here >>

[Audio] Ed Prosser – Dream Catalogue

In The Dark’s Ed Prosser composed three pieces along with James Wilkes for an In The Dark at the Manchester Museum of Science in November. He’s provided the full audio for those of us who couldn’t make it to the event. Listen to the work and find out more here >>


[Audio] Sofia Saldanha – A Short History of Music as a Weapon

In April we held our first London Matinee, at a Sunday music venue called the Hangover Lounge. Naturally the theme was music, and co-curator (along with Nina Garthwaite) Sofia Saldanha picked this piece to share. Hear the short here >>



[Audio] Sofia Saldanha – The Hitch-Hiker

In November Passing Clouds in East London was the venue for going Out of the Dark – a sci-fi event curated by the busy Sofia Saldanha. A piece that was so right but just didn’t fit, comes from non other than Orson Welles. Read and hear why here >>


[Audio] Connor Walsh – IFC & Prix Europa

Our own Connor Walsh has some suggested listening from both the International Features Conference in Bergen and Prix Europa in Berlin. Work from (IFC’s excellent hosts) NRK, Arte Radio, and HollandDoc. None in English, all with translations! Listen and read here >>