Connor Walsh – Pick of IFC and Prix Europa 2013

[Audio] Pick of Prix Europa – Rikke Houd and Sheida Jahnabin

Sheida Jahanbin lived much of her life in Iran, where it just wasn’t possible to talk about sex. This had grim implications for her (photogtaphed there, via NRK) both in Iran, and when she moved to Norway. Working with Rikke Houd she approached how she might break a taboo of speech – making for great radio. Hear the feature and read a transcript here >>

[Audio] Pick of Prix Europa – Benoit Boires and Charlotte Roualt

This year at Prix Europa there was one outstanding piece, which surprised many by coming second, rather than winning. It won the Prix Bohemia, and the producers are pictured here collecting that prize, in an Arte photo. With its delicate, intricate use of sound, surprise, and powerful story, Camp Sisterhood by Arte Radio is at once timeless and of today. Did you know there were internment camps in France during World War II, just for women? Listen and read the transcript here >>


[Audio] IFC Choice – Joost Wilgenhof

A hit at both IFC and Prix Europa 2013, Lieve Ulrike by Joost Wilgenhof pivots around the figurehead of the Bader-Meinhof movement with surprising interviews. Listen and read the transcript here >>