Rosanna Arbon – Radio Web MACBA

Rosanna Arbon, curator of Radio Unnameable writes:

Radio Web MACBA is my go to site for the avant-garde. A non-profit online radio project for popular education from the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, they have produced an extensive amount of programmes from visual and sound artists, collectors, archivists, academics and record label bosses. From an exploration into the concepts and ideas behind the music and performance practice of the Fluxus movement in Fluxradio to Memorabilia. Collecting Sounds with … a historiography of sound collecting that reveals the unseen work of collectors including Kenneth Goldsmith (ubuweb), Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies) and Eric Isaacson (Mississippi Records), the latter of which I am currently mixing. From relatively straight interviews with artists about their practice within sonia to Composing with Process: Perspectives on Generative and Systems Music, in which algorithmic, systems-based and formalised approaches to composition are examined. Don’t be burdened by the theory, this is a great place to wander, to hear new thoughts and sounds.

RWM is not laden with restrictions, subjects are explored for as long as necessary, curated and edited by intelligent, thoughtful and creative minds who speak passionately without constraint and make radio without the more traditional conventions in mind. These elements are what captivate me and keep me listening.

I’d like to point you in the direction of two programmes, the first is Jon Leidecker’s Variations series in which Leidecker curates an overview appropriative collage in music, the first programme in the series covers the years 1908 – 1961 but due to advances in technology it takes another 6 programmes and 6 hours to cover the 1960s to the present day, including 1960s sound collage, the wholesale plundering of pop, disco and dub in the 1970s, industrial music and the cassette underground, hip-hop and digital sampling to tracing back the term ‘remix’ which is so commonly used today.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on Variations #1 to 7 under the heading Curatorial. You certainly don’t have to listen in order.

The second is Interruptions #13: The inhuman voice curated by musician Genis Segarra. Interruptions is designed as a musical break in the usual curatorial programming, the only parameter being that a narrative theme has to run through the mix. In this instance Segarra charts an imaginative journey through mankind’s numerous attempts to create a machine capable of reproducing human speech.