Issue #5


It’s May 2014 and we have drawn together the curators of our events across Europe for the first quarter of the year, to present some listening just for you, as a Friend of In The Dark.

[Audio] Thalia Gigerenzer – Madame Claude

Thalia curated our first Berlin event, on the theme of Upside Down, and has selected a piece Phil Smith made, about the venue itself.




 [Audio] Nija Dalal – Breath

Nija curated the Manchester event on the theme Survival, and recommends this piece from Long Story Short.




 [Audio] Rosanna Arbon – The Secret

Rosanna curated a London event on States of Mind, and selects this favourite from Carma Jolly of the CBC.




 [Audio] Clare Charles – Water You Waiting For

Clare and David Waters curated a water themed event in London, and have selected this piece, about wild-swimming, produced by Clare.