Issue #6

Friends, we wish you could have joined us earlier this month at Sheffield Doc/Fest, but never fear! You can now listen to all the audio from Sheffield Doc/Fest from the comfort of your home, including non-English language audio which we subtitled for the festival.

We also have some exclusive treats for you as a Friend of In The Dark – including a “deleted scene” from our award winner! Enjoy!


On The Path of Promaja

Produced for the Radia Network – a group of European stations “bringing new and forgotten ways of making radio” to listeners – On The Path of Promaja is a multilingual meditation on words and wind. This is a work that explores the ground between documentary and imagination, as it goes in search of the intangible and untranslatable.


Producer: Léa Promaja
Country: France
Languages: Macedonian, English, French, Italian
Year: 2013
Duration: 28 minutes
Screening with: Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel
Broadcaster: Radia Network Stations

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Award Nominee: Stig’s tænder (Stig’s Teeth)

Producer Rikke Houd follows Stig as he gets fitted for a new set of teeth. The actuality of his repeated visits to the dentist are spliced together with an interview recorded in his cluttered home where he spends his days getting drunk and crying over films – often Titanic.

This piece was created for the weekly show “24syv-dokumentar” which focuses on producing features that are a blend of realistic reportage and classic danish “Montage-radio”. Unusually, the raw, unedited files used for the production, are broadcast on the same week, every night at 3.00am.

Producer: Kim G Hansen, Rikke Houd
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Year: 2013
Duration: 46 minutes
Broadcaster: Radio 24syv

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Lene et la Mer Gelée (Lene and the Sea Ice)

Lene is an anthropologist at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. She identifies words less used by hunters and fishermen. Sassuma Arnaa is the mother of the ocean. Hydrophonic recordings of ice cracking and stretching, together with Lene’s words and Sassuma Arnaa’s legend are woven together in this radio electroacoustic-composition. It also includes recordings of songs orcas from French researcher Olivier Adam.

Producer: Aline Penitot
Country: Greenland/France
Language: Inuit
Year: 2013
Duration: 7 minutes
Screening with: Soeurs de Camp
Premiered: Audible Festival, Bagnolet,France

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It’s Private

Commended as a student work of notable achievement, It’s Private is a personal story of a young woman adapting to ex-patriot life and seeking advice and intimacy from a new mother-figure, who is less than willing to oblige.

Producer: Brett Ascarelli
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Year: 2014
Duration: 33 minutes
Educational Establishment: Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, supervised by Bengt Bok

Please note: perhaps fittingly, given the subject of the piece, this is a private link – we would be grateful if you would not share it without Brett’s permission.

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Award Nominee: Soeurs de Camp (Camp Sisterhood)

A cinematic audio work, Soeurs de Camp documents the experiences of three women taken to the concentration camp for women in Brens, southwest France during World War II. Arlette, Nuria and Angelita recount the time they spent in the camp where they lived with women from all over Europe — Jews, activists, prostitutes – separated into wooden huts by nationality. Surprisingly, their recollections are primarily of friendship, affection and creativity.

Producers: Charlotte Rouault, Benoit Bories
Country: France
Language: French
Year: 2013
Duration: 28 minutes
Broadcaster: ARTE Radio

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Deleted Scene!

It must have been fate.

Award winner Pejk Malinovski has revealed that there exists a deleted scene from his In The Dark Award winning piece “Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel” in which he references not only the snooker genius Ronnie O’Sullivan but the very same Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in which our award was presented.

We kid you not.

So Friends of In The Dark: we are falling over with excitement to be able to share this exclusive deleted scene with you.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If you haven’t already, you can also listen to the official full piece here >>

Guardian Picks

Throughout the festival The Guardian put out a series of podcasts featuring ITD’s Nina Garthwaite and excerpts from even more picks from our award submissions. The four episodes are all now available to listen to online. There are links to the programmes featured on the relevant pages if you’d like to listen to the full pieces.

Episode 1: Jack & Ellen, Produced by Love + Radio >>

Episode 2: The Calling produced by Sherre deLeys >>

Episode 3: Why Oh Why by Andrea Silenzi >>

Episode 4: Senza Parole by Katharina Smets >>