Still stuffed with delicious food after In The Dark @ Home and plotting the next instalment!

After a successful evening with Leo inspiring (and occasionally unsettling) our audience with his great selection of audio we received some really great comments and feedback… for those of you yet to take the plunge into the dark, we’ve posted a few of them below:

“Utterly fantastic- I enjoyed it immensely- it’s so unique an experience to sit in the dark and listen with other people to a doc, I’ve never done that before and yet I adore audio. What it forces your imagination and concentration into is completely absorbing and revelatory and JUICY”

I am so glad that my 5 day long visit to London brought me here by pure chance!! I am leaving the country tomorrow with a smile on my face after this unique, stimulating, experience for the five senses. I loved the compilation it was very well chosen, super moving. I got carried away by the listening and then the visualisation of everything and all the rest that was left to one’s imagination. I hope I can be in an evbent like this again in the future. And Olivia you are a genius chef!!!!!! GLORIOUS FOOD !!!! THANK YOU!!!!”

“It was great, very interesting stories. We want to be invited for more. Thanks for the invitation and amazing food”

“Gripped. morbid, but gripping. Thank heavens for the leavening of the waxer at the end. Cried all through the ambulance one. Who wasn’t- and the dawning realisation that the irish man had been the ambulance center on the kid’s call that he had described in the third person. Immensely moving. Looking forward to more of these.”

“This was lovely, particularly the waxing vignette  and the ambulance piece- that lovely man carried me through. …thank you!”

So stay tuned as the next In The Dark is just around the corner….