The Dark Room
Junk Log 034
RI+Margate Residency

margateBack in October the In The Dark London gang were invited to take part in a week long residency in Margate for the PRAH Foundation. They did lots of listening, recording and improvised musical audio drama (really). Some things worked, some didn’t, some will definitely work at some point in the future (when we get better at improvising musical radio dramas).

One of the evenings, sitting on the pier as the sun set over Margate,  Ed Prosser and Nina Garthwaite did some development work on a project they were commissioned to make for the Royal Institution. It’s a short audio fiction on the theme of space junk, the litter we have created in the space around earth.

It has now been completed and forms part of the RI’s Christmas Advent Calendar, “A Place Called Space“. We’re delighted that you can now listen to the finished piece here:

Or watch with animation: