Audio … with Subtitles!

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Welcome to our very first “audio with subtitles” corner – high brow radio in a language you can’t speak. You can’t get more specialist audio than that.

The Garden

Because it’s never been posted online with subtitles before we thought it would be fitting to start things off by offering you a piece from the In The Dark event archive: Third Ear’s The Garden.

One of the biggest problems we often face when telling people about In The Dark is trying to explain what a radio feature is. Now, no one’s saying that The Garden is going to give you any answers on this front. But in many ways it encapsulates, both in its form and subject, something that lies at the heart of the feature: the joy, the craft, the storytelling and also that tricky issue of  “truth” in documentary. There’s a moment near the end when producer Tim Hinman is faced with the question: “What is it that you are doing here?”. Feel free to send your answers in on a postcard…




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