Songs My Mother Taught Me + Discussion with Chris Brookes

The Courthouse Hotel Cinema, 1st May 2010, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, £8.00/£6.00


Chris Brookes’ personal style of feature-making can be heard at its most intriguing – and at times most uncomfortable – in this “documentary novel” about war brides – women, including his own mother, who married allied servicemen

stationed in Britain during World War II. Based upon wartime diaries, letters, photos and recordings it is both an exploration of history and a personal journey of discovery, as events from Chris’ present resonate with those of his mother’s past.
Produced by: Chris Brookes
Origin: Canada (CBC/Battery Radio, 1997)
Run Time: 52 mins


  1. […] radio and photography documentaries in the festival and last night I went to a radio listening of Chris Brookes’ Songs My Mother Taught Me put on by In The Dark. It is really great to see radio making it’s way into these types of […]

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